Sunday, January 1, 2012

Aquiring Dory

My husband (Howard) has been looking at Sailboats for about 2 years on the internet DAILY!! Today he was on Craigs List looking at sail boats  & saw a 28 ft 1975 Cape Dory Hull number 29. It was in a town 50 minutes away. I said call him & and lets look at it.  He said no I am just looking, I said I want to see the inside of it.. I called the guy made arrangements to go see it.  The next day we were off to see the boat.Howard wasnt sure this was the one and I said lets do it!!!! I was tried of him looking on the internet for hours on end only dreaming!

The dreaming is now over. We picked her up on March 7th 2011. Motored down the river about  44 nautical miles. Howard need to go to the head.. Left me at the tiller & soon we were no longer moving. "Honey something happened we arent going anyplace"  He comes out of the Cabin and says the channel marker is 50 feet the the left Dear! We tried to get it unstuck! To no avail. I called my brother who Lives not far from where I had run it a ground! HE comes out with another guy to "help"  He got into the water & tried to "rock" it off. NOT HAPPENING!!! Thank God it was an incoming tide. We finally float off and back down the river we go ( four Hours later). Our goal was to be at the Marina for Haul Out at 8am.... it was 9am

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