Sunday, January 1, 2012

November 16,2011

O what a beautiful day.. Howard got me up at 7 am ok lets go... What is it? It is   early where are we going?? To the boat ok... Let me make the sandwiches, pack the cooler,( water, V8, fruit, & today we have a few beers) Out the door at 845am to the boat yard again... Well this will be the last time for awhile!! We are putting her into the water...
At 11am I went to the yard foreman Bob & said to him please put my boat in the water! He thought I was joking with him!!! I said no lets go!!!  So the crew at the yard loaded her up onto the travel-lift.... put her into the water in the sling & let her rest for about 30 minutes Howard got aboard to see if there was water coming in anyplace.... THANK YOU GOD No leaks!!! AND DORY FLOATS!
We set out about 12pm for our ride to the Marina.. What a nice feeling. It took all of 20 minutes to get to the Marina! When I called the Dock-master and asked him to catch my lines he thought I was pulling him leg. I said no we are on our way in now! Look for us... He couldnt see us because we were stick-less! As we were going to the Marina Howard asked me how we should go in I said aft first.... Well she didn't want to move as fast as he asked her... Thank you AL for holding us off the other dock! ( we weren't going very fast!) We got her into to her slip and toasted with a BEER!!!!!! To new adventures!!!!



Howard has come home again... The weather is a lot nicer! Please put this boat in the water!!!!!!!I cant stand it anymore!! So we / he changed the oil, the oil pressure switch,( Honey get me one of these Friday afternoon 4:30 of a Holiday weekend), re-pipe & replaced fuel filters primary & secondary. Installed perko sea strainer. Installed battery Isolator for house & starting battery.

Mind you there has been loads for chatter about the naming of the boat Facebook Votes.. Family votes... Howard & I decided it would be DORY!!!! A huge thanks to Uncle Al for the fine paint job!!!


Uncle Bob comes back from out west.... Howard wants a new Bow Spirit along with that comes a new toe Rail & rub Rail while we are at it.Uncle Bob would love to do this work out of the water it will be easier for him.  What a beautiful job Uncle Bob. In the mean time there are several items that have been completed... New chain plates ( old ones removed & fiberglass replaced) Back Stay shortened to 18inches( the old one was 3 feet long) Mast step plate installed, tin coated grounding plate installed below the water line,Tv antenna onto mast, new led spreader lights, new Preko Led automatic on/off mast night,led steaming light.... The Rigger has a bum knee. HE had to have surgery... So need less to say the mast is not up yet. Soon come!


Howard goes to work... for 3 weeks... I do what I can.... getting more Items for him to do when he gets back.The first week of October we are going on a Cruise. Howard didn't want to hear that!!! Off to Mexico & Grand Cayman we go

August The Mast comes down...

So the owners of the boat yard didn't want to take the mast off of the boat while it was on the hard. Because 20 years ago they saw someone take one down & the boat went up with the mast & down on its side it went. Howard talked to the Yard foreman & he was all for it!  Down she came no problems a hammer couldnt solve. Thank you Jerry for your help. The weather people are talking about a hurricane... The yard closed for 4 days as prevention.
Howard & I spent the better part of a day rewiring the mast. What should have taken about 45 minutes... took 4 hours. But we got it done without to much arguing. IT WAS A HOT ONE THAT DAY!!!! Lets go for a swim in the sea!

week 15,16 17

Howard comes home the end of June... he took all of  the A/C wires out of the boat. Short days spent at the boat  VERY HOT!

weeks 12,13,14

The topside of the hull was painted. Awlgrip.  The bottom will be back together before Howard gets  home.  This was apoxy re applied, then 3 coats of Gray bottom paint on top of that went 3 coat of blue ablative paint. Wow is it pretty.